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Chain of Title Assessments (COTAs)

The COTA was designed to drill down into the body of each recorded document that is found within the real property records in the county where the subject property is situated and make a determination as to how that recorded document relates to other recorded documents, as well as unrecorded documents that may affect the timeline of the chain of title to the property. The COTA seeks to identify all potential issues involving the chain of title for use in quiet title actions and other real property litigation matters.  Unfortunately, we do not provide services for pro se litigants as the state bar associations are very specific about the type of work we can do, which must be supervised by attorneys.

While DK Consultants LLC is not a lawyer referral service, we work with a network of attorneys that are well-versed in real property law and can make inquiries as to whether the attorney is interested in reviewing your particular case.

Public Record Audits 

As part of our services, DK Consultants also conducts audits on a larger scale; specifically, of cross-sections of county land records in all 50 states. Because our real property laws are so state-specific, we only conduct audits in counties within the United States.  County recorders, clerks and registers of deeds utilize our services for the purposes of determining the issues created in their records since 1995, when the banking industry instituted a "utility" which circumvents the real property records with its own private electronic recording database only accessible to its members who pay nominal fees to use this utility, should they choose to.  This "utility" has (for all intents and purposes) distorted the chains of title to tens of thousands of pieces of property in order for its members to save recording fees. This has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the counties, nationally.  Additionally, it has negatively impacted the political futures of many of these elected officials in whom property owners have placed their trust. 

Most recently, one of the land record audits conducted in Williamson County, Texas resulted in litigation against the utility and one of its member banks. You can CLICK HERE to obtain a copy of the Williamson County Real Property Records Audit.  Because each county's are different, all county land record audits are negotiated retainers based on the scope, depth and breadth of the audit.

Litigation Support

DK Consultants has a network of paralegals across the country that provide litigation support for attorneys, including but not limited to (1) case-specific chain of title assessments; (2) drafting of quiet title petitions, discovery and other quasi in rem memorandum; (3) legal research and consulting services; and (4) assistance with document procurement. All of these services are conducted on an independent contract fee basis for use by bar-licensed attorneys only.

COTA Training and Continuing Legal Education

DK Consultants realizes the need for education.  A well-educated public is a powerful public. We provide training to homeowners, real estate professionals, paralegals and investors on basic real property issues and actually train those who are interested in pursuing a career as a COTA Preparer. 

As part of the expanding need for legal education, DK Consultants also hosts and provides educational support for attorneys through state bar-sanctioned CLE courses. Those real property and foreclosure defense attorneys who wish to sponsor a CLE may contact us directly for more information.